ONLYNJ® brand was created for the Proud, Cultured, Awesome People of Jersey. Whether you were born here, moved here or moved elsewhere but once lived here, you get it. The rest of the Country does not. People from other States think that all of our State resembles the Turnpike between Newark Airport and NYC and that everyone acts like people on the “Jersey Shore” TV show.

Their loss is our gain. 57% of our land is Farms and Forests. We have Skiing, Fresh and Saltwater Fishing, 250 Golf Courses, Boating, Hiking and Water Sports. We have Casinos, Historic Sights and more than 50 Colleges and Universities. From Sinatra to Springsteen, Edison to Schwarzkopf and Yogi to Jeter, NJ has produced so many phenomenal people. Our 127 miles of Coastline, 24 Lighthouses, 800 Lakes and 36 State Parks are Spectacular and Unmatched. We are responsible for the first Baseball Game, Collegiate Football game, Locomotive, Phonograph, Color TV and Lightbulb. We have more Horses per square mile than any other State, the most Diners, the longest Boardwalk and the Oldest Seashore Resort.

Wear these cool T-Shirts, Sweats and other items proudly, Because Only Jersey Understands Jersey®.

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