The great debate in the Garden State! Is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? Well, it depends upon who you ask. In North Jersey it is called Taylor Ham, in South Jersey it is called Pork Roll. Which is it?

John Taylor created the first Taylor Ham in Trenton NJ in 1856. It was called “Taylor’s Prepared Ham” and was wildly popular. However, in 1906, based on the Pure Food and Drug act, Taylor Provisions was forced to change the name because it did not meet the criteria to be considered ham, by the legal definition. That is where the confusion started.

The packaging would be revised to say “Taylor brand Pork Roll”. However, most people continued to call it Taylor Ham as they always did. Gradually, regionally, folks around the Trenton area switched over to calling it Pork Roll. This slowly spread through South Jersey until it was universally accepted. Interestingly, it never caught on in North Jersey, even over a century later. It will never be accepted in North Jersey. Thus the constant debate. It really doesn’t matter in the end. It is the same delicious breakfast meat that is unique to NJ and enjoyed throughout the entire state. It is the thing that people who move out of Jersey crave the most and have shipped all over the country.

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Enjoy! Because Only Jersey Understands Jersey!

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